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Uivo lets police and fire department personnel quickly contact you in the event of an emergency involving your property.

Uivo lets police and fire department personnel quickly contact you in the event of an emergency involving your property.


The idea

Three years ago, I answered a 911 call from a citizen who was reporting water was coming out of the windows on the second floor of his neighbor’s house. This was a particularly cold February night in Brunswick, ME and the pipes had frozen, burst, and water was quickly filling the inside. The house had recently been sold to new owners, was being renovated, and the caller did not know their names.

When the fire department arrived, they broke open the front door to get in, located the valve to shut the water off, and cleaned up the mess. There was very little in the house to help them figure out who the new owners were but after some investigation, the name(s) of the homeowners were found. Just to complicate things a little more, we were told they were on vacation in the Caribbean and not easily reachable.

In situations like this, once the problem is resolved, emergency personnel can’t just leave the property unsecured. Police or fire department personnel will usually have to wait at the scene until they can turn over responsibility to the homeowner or emergency contact. This waiting ties up resources that could be allocated at other emergency calls and tied up resources costs departments and towns thousands of dollars in overtime and equipment use every year.


Uivo potential use case:

Last summer the US Coast Guard in Southern Maine received a call to search a large body of water for two missing kayakers. It was reported that the kayaks had overturned and the caller was unsure if the victims had made it to shore. While on patrol of the harbor, the Coast Guard came across a loose kayak floating on the shore of an island. There were no identifying marks on the kayak and it was unclear if this kayak belonged to a victim or just broke free from a neighboring camp.

Uivo bridges this gap; it helps solve the communication breakdown between the public and public safety by connecting the two groups together through the use of a website and a sticker.

How much? 

Stickers come two to an order at $4.99. There is a monthly subscription fee of $1.99 that covers all stickers on the account. The monthly subscription fee must be paid to keep stickers "active" (searchable by dispatch).

The name

How do you pronounce "Uivo" you ask? Like this, "wee-vo." It's Portuguese for "howl" and also the inspiration for the logo.

Uivo Logo

Uivo Logo

What Uivo can't do

Track- There is no hidden GPS tracker hidden in the sticker; Uivo can't locate your property.

Alarm- Uivo is not the same as an alarm monitoring company; there is no  immediate, real-time alert sent to a dispatcher in the event of an emergency.

How it works:

Steps you take:

  • Go to and create an account
  • Purchase two stickers at $4.99 as many times as you want. 
  • Receive sticker(s) and register the sticker ID # in their account.
  • Affix sticker to property.
  • Pay monthly subscription fee of $1.99/month (autopay).
  • *The first 500 customers will never have to pay the $1.99/month service fee*

Replacement stickers

While these stickers are made of anodized aluminum and are VERY durable, if your sticker is damaged or stolen replacement stickers will be free up to two times and $1.99 thereafter. 

What happens next

If your property is lost, stolen, turned into, recovered by, or involved in an emergency, the investigating fire or police officer will contact dispatch to run the sticker ID# to access your contact information only. The only thing dispatch can see is the information you have entered; telephone #’s, address, emergency contact information.

The Uivo database is accessible by authorized law enforcement and fire department personnel only. State, municipal, regional, and county dispatch agencies will each have one administrative log in and password to access your contact information.